Tim Cruickshank

Polarizing rhetoric in our media that is dividing our communities, increasing taxes causing strain on our working families, never ending traffic congestion wasting our time, and a lack of government transparency in our state Legislature leading to distrust in our government. To top it all off, we spend more time taking about each other rather than talking to each other.

“Enough is Enough.”

Washington needs Tim, a mission focused goal driven leader.

There is a new wave of conservatives returning home from the battlefield to help their communities. Strong values grounded in humble respect for all people. Tim selflessly served his country as a US Navy SEAL for 25 years. He believes we are stronger through our diversity and places Team before self. The core values of God, Country, Family, guide his decision making. He believes “the truly good life is lived for others”.

Tim’s new mission is to be the voice of the 41st District in Olympia. Vote for a mission focused, goal driven leader. Vote for Tim Cruickshank for 41st District Representative.


My wife, Liz, has been a teacher for 22 years. She has her PhD in Teacher Leadership and has educated students from elementary school to the University level. Education is one of my top priorities, not only for my children but for yours as well. I hold teachers in the highest regard as they are responsible for educating the future leaders of our country and they should be paid accordingly.

The state constitution describes public education as the state’s “paramount duty.” ALL of our children in the 41st district, and throughout Washington State, should have access to a world class education and the State legislature has an obligation to create an effective education system that prepares every student for success. I will insist that this must be a top priority in Olympia.


As a Sammamish resident who commutes daily to work, I understand how frustrating our traffic can be. Our friends and neighbors in the 41st district spend A LOT of time in traffic and frankly, aren’t very happy about it.

Despite rumblings of not enough revenue, Sound Transit collected $1.3 billion in 2017 from tax revenue (sales, property, and car tab taxes).  This is an increase of 116.6% in 5 years with the passage of Sound Transit 3 (ST3) in 2016. Sound Transit expects to collect $2.0 billion in 2018. Much of what is done at the state and county level in regards to transportation is to tax the individual drivers until it becomes so expensive and so difficult to drive that they are diverted to public transportation.

Fiscal Responsibility

Residents of the 41st district are fortunate to have access to high quality jobs at thriving companies and in industries like Boeing, Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft. These corporations along with many other large and small businesses in this area have created tremendous economic and population growth. Yet, residents still feel as if there is not enough disposable income available in their paychecks at the end of the month to take care of their families.

“Tax fatigue” is taking its toll. I will work to ensure that your hard-earned tax dollars are spent wisely and that the State stays within it’s budget. Every dollar spent needs to be accounted for and requires close scrutiny to make sure we’re seeing positive results. Government transparency is imperative. You have every right to know where and how your hard earned tax dollars are being spent. I will not support a state income tax, capital gains tax, or an increase in any new tax revenue from our already over-taxed residents. We need to start with a top to bottom review of where we’re currently spending your money before anybody asks for more!

Donate today for a mission focused, goal driven leader.