Why Tim

Tim is a Washington native. He was raised in King County and attended Kennedy Catholic High School. He has three school age children, a wife of 18 years with her PhD in education, and his community ties run deep.

Tim is the son of a longshoreman. Hard work, discipline, and respect for others were ingrained in him at a young age. His mother stayed home to help cultivate these values. Growing up, Tim would rise early before school and deliver the newspaper and then work late nights as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. He briefly moved to Alaska to work as a longshoreman and volunteer firefighter. He understands hard work and the struggle of living on a minimum wage job.

Tim made the decision to break this mold and joined the Enlisted ranks of the US Navy in 1990 with the intention of becoming a US Navy SEAL. His core values and steadfast dedication guided him. With an attrition rate surpassing 80%, Tim graduated one of 17 sailors, joining one of the most Elite fighting forces the world has ever seen.

Tim served in various roles as a SEAL and Special Operations Corpsman, completing several European Command and Central Command (EUCOM/CENTCOM) deployments. While serving as a SEAL instructor in California, Tim pursued another dream and he completed his first Bachelor’s degree from Regents College. Not satisfied, he continued to complete another Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s degree and received a commission as a Naval Officer in 2002.

Quickly rising through the enlisted and officer ranks and ultimately retiring as a Lieutenant Commander, Tim was recognized for his leadership, organizational skills and the ability to connect with people throughout the ranks, both within the Federal Government and abroad. Repeatedly recognized by his superiors as a “go to leader” for key organizations and positions.
A few of his accomplishments include:
  • Marine Special Operations School (MSOS), Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Camp Lejeune, NC. As a “Plank Owner” he was tasked with the design, construction and staffing of a new Branch Clinic and Physical Therapy department and the curriculum development associated with a new school house. He oversaw all high-risk training including an offsite Battalion Aid Station for Assessment and Selection (A&S), SERE School, and advanced training. Additionally, he was responsible for all administrative, disciplinary, and budgetary issues.
  • While serving at NSWU-2 (Naval Special Warfare Unit 2), he was designated as the Maritime/Undersea Medical Liaison Officer to NATO SOF Head Quarters (NSHQ) Brussels, Belgium. He led multiple high level discussions with a 25-nation medical oversight committee, to create formalized SOF doctrine key to enhancing NATO SOF (Special Operations Forces) standards.
  • Tim was the Officer in Charge and Navy Dean of the Navy Medicine Operational Training Center Detachment, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In his role, he articulated, implemented and led the vision to advance the missions of excellence in education, research, and battlefield care. His leadership resulted in both the US. Army and Navy’s ability to provide combatant commanders the vital medical assets they required to fight the Global War on Terrorism.
Tim is a proven leader on and off the battlefield. He has led multi-million dollar organizations. He has been responsible for administrative, personnel and budgetary issues, and has worked with individuals at the highest levels of our government. His international experience and foreign relations will serve him well as he moves forward in his political career. His ability to function at the highest levels while serving under two Democratic Presidents for 16 years with little fiscal and manpower support make him uniquely experienced and qualified to work in Olympia. He knows how to get things done and will use this experience to help our community in the 41st District.

While serving his country, he had the opportunity to live all over the world and he chose to return home after his retirement to raise his family right here in the 41st district to serve his community and ALL Americans, with Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Having honorably served for 25 years as a US Navy SEAL and Medical Service Corps Officer, Tim has been decorated 29 times, including the Bronze Star with “V” device, denoting heroism in combat, and it is the nation’s fourth highest military decoration for valor.


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